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Presentation Training

Do you need to sharpen your pitch? 

I have personally pitched and won major new projects across marketing, media, consulting, working for the likes of, Television New Zealand, OfficeMax and Walt Disney. My personal pitch and presentation training programme features practical, proven techniques, fusing personal experience and the latest thinking and methods from relationship management, partnership management and persuasion.

I have seen presentations succeed and win millions of pounds worth of value - and I have seen presentations fail and damage important relationships. My personal presentation and pitch management training concentrates on preparing for; audience, message, channel, questions and conversations. 

  • Communications Model And Thinking
  • Understanding The Audience
  • Understanding The Message
  • Understanding The Channel
  • Understanding The Enviornment
  • Personal Persuasion
  • Stimulating Questions And Conversation
  • Solo And Team Presentations
  • Planning And Preparation

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