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We can work with you to sharpen your results. We can review and advise on improving your processes and teams, kick start new initiatives, evolve strategies and quickly support your projects when you are short of senior management resources.   



Education, Training And Management Workshops

We provide a range of training and workshop services to help you improve teams, projects and plans. We can professionally plan and facilitate your next important marketing meeting, conference or seminar and our tailored workshops can help stimulate the important conversations. If you are frustrated with poor marketing meetings and want to make them more effective, give us a call.

Marketing Education, Workshops & Training


Coaching and Mentoring

We can provide professional coaching for you, a direct report, a project team or department, to improve confidence, focus and performance. Using a supportive but challenging approach, our coaching is based on the principles of Positive Psychology and places an emphasis on appreciating our own motivations, behaviour, habits, focus and self-management.   



Transformation Programme 

Our four-six week Transformation Programme is designed for small companies, marketing departments and creative teams, helping them to collectively and systematically review, reset and re-energise the personal and business performance. The programme tasks individuals and teams to contribute their own ideas and recommendations whilst senior managers and leaders focus upon the context, the aims and setting an environment that encourages constant improvement.

Transformation Programme