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Coaching Organisations And Positive Approaches

European Mentoring And Coaching Council (EMCC) 

Strengths Profile - The Benefit of Learning Our Strengths

Business Model You

International Association of Positive Psychology (IAPP)

The Positive Psychology Centre

Associates & Recommended Businesses 

We work alongside some excellent Associate companies and consultants, including;

Intelligent customer engagement, digital, design, creative and campaign management

Marketing, Technology & Media News & Research 

We keep on top of the latest marketing, innovation and collaboration news. We recommend;

Wired UK

Latest in science, media and technology from the UK edition of this iconic magazine

The best and latest news from the worlds of IT, e-commerce, mobile and technology

Harvard Business Review

Leading academic thinking and research from HBR

Forbes Magazine
Research & opinion on management, entrepreneurship and innovation

Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

Leading new enlightenment thinking on society, creativity and entrepreneurship

TED - Ideas Worth Spreading
Superb collection of some of the smartest presentations and speeches

Knowledge management, business change and innovation from David Gurteen

Seth Godin:

The acclaimed writer of seminal books; 'Purple Cow', 'Meatball Sundae' and 'Poke The Box'

Gary Hamel:
One of the first management thinkers to point out the importance of marketing alliances

Rosabeth Moss Kanter:

A pioneer of marketing alliances and business leadership

Kevin Kelly: 
Legendary co-founding editor of Wired magazine and still a giant in all things digital 

Paid Content: 
The latest deals, trends and news from the media content world.

Gerd Leonard
Technology Futurist, media guru, marketing thinker and free media content advocate