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Coaching and Mentoring 

Do you need 121 coaching for you or a member of your team?

To improve self-management, personal development, leadership or confidence?

To build skills for a new responsibilty, a recent promotion or fresh project  ?

To understand strengths, challenges, opportunities for change?

How We Can Help


Coaching Programme:

  • Focused Upon Behaviour, Habits, Mangement of Self, Personal Autonomy
  • Principles of Positive Psychology, Emphasis On Engagement, Purpose, Meaning
  • Andrew Armour; Professional Business Coach :-
  • Accredited Business Model You 2019 (Business Canvas, Applied To Personal Development) 
  • MA Coaching and Mentoring, 2020

Simple Six Week Coaching Programme:

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Managing Yourself 
  • Business Model You
  • Positive Change and Action
  • Review

Team Or Business Coaching Programme:

  • Business Challenge 
  • Professional Development
  • Team Profiles and Strengths
  • Team Canvas
  • Team Presentations

For more information contact Andrew Armour or call him on (+44) 07971-231-025