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Project Management 

Do you need to build the collaborative advantage?

To research and prepare a more focused and formal marketing, partnership or innovation plan?

Fresh but experienced partnership and relationship management thinking and innovation?

Impartial feedback and an objective review of your existing approach & activities?

New ideas and help to find new solutions and third party collaborations?

How We Can Help

We can help you to create and deliver an effective plan to find, engage and manage the marketing partnerships and collaborations which are so vital to driving forward innovation, product and service improvements.

Marketing, Partnership & Innovation Planning:

  • Partnership Planning & Coordination
  • Workshop Facilitation & Discussion (Innovation, R&D, Marketing, Product Development)
  • Project Scopes & Research
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Research & Contact Development
  • Recommendations

Marketing & Partnership Reviews:

  • Interviews & objective feedback with existing partners
  • Interviews & objective feedback with existing relationship owners
  • Capability Audits
  • Partner Project Reviews
  • Recommendations

Additional Consulting:

  • Conference Presentations & Discussion Papers
  • Special Projects
  • Marketing and Project Plans and Reviews
  • Proposal Development, Branding, Promotions, Campaigns

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