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Do you need extra expertise and management resource?

To create immediate and fresh momentum on a critical business project?

To support your plans to restructure and improve team performance?

To plan, build and maintain critical partnerships ?

How we can help


Management Consultant and Interim:


  • Marketing Director (Interim)   
  • CEO Coaching and Advisory (Interim)
  • Agency, Supplier And Client Reviews & Planning Sessions
  • Innovation & Business Development Marketing Planning Reviews 
  • Team Meetings, Workshops And Seminars 

Partnership & Relationship Development:

  • Head of Partnership Management (Interim)
  • Partnership Development (Interim)
  • Partner and Relationship Planning
  • Prospect Research & Relationship Development
  • Meeting Management 
  • Value Assessment and Recommendations
  • Confidential or Sensitive Relationship Investigations & Business Reviews

Negotiation and Contract Management:

  • Proposal and Pitch Development
  • Negotiation Tactics and Planning
  • Non Disclosure Agreements, Deal Memo and Contract Drafting

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