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Collaboration Drives Innovation

'Collaboration', back-formation from collaborator (1802), from French. collaborateur, from L. collaboratus, pp. of collaborare "work with," from com- "with" + labore "to work." From Latin. COLLABORARE; "very rare labour" and "work with together"

To quote Charles Darwin; "In the long history of mankind, it is those who have learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively that have prevailed."

Success in business is driven by building good relationships, effective alliances and the smart management of suppliers and customers. Yet research consistently shows that commercial opportunities are most often lost by poor relationship management and personal skills - rather than technical problems.

The Journal of Psychological Type reported that the number one cause for business relationships to derail is a lack of understanding, trust and fairness. In 2011 - Forrester Research noted that the senior marketers they surveyed saw poor internal and external collaboration as the biggest blocks to innovation.

Collaboration is the difference that makes the difference...

Individual technical ability is needed to create the spark to get you moving. But to go far - you need to go together. Innovation is not just about having the good ideas - it is about commercialising and delivering those ideas to serve customers more profitably. And the very nature of modern complex organisations and fast changing markets means that cannot be done alone. A 'T-shaped Manager' or team, is one that combines focused skills with smart x-organisational relationships. 

If you are seeking to encourage and commercialise dynamic fresh ideas, it is richer, more effective relationships that are required. At Benchstone we believe that collaboration and partnership skills can be taught and attitudes nurtured to improve the chances of commercial relationship success. 

Improving Collaboration Skills And Capability

Our services includes devising and facilitating workshops, training courses and improvement programmes to sharpen collaboration knowledge and skills.

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