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What Is Partnership Marketing?

“Partnership marketing is a collaboration of two or more organisations with the intent to develop a mid-term or long term marketing programme designed to meet their respective goals” -

Ron Kunitzcky, 2009

This excellent definition is a useful place to start - however marketing partnerships is a broad topic that means different things within different organisations, markets and industries. One business may not even be able to function without carefully planning their work with a critical supplier. Another may rely on specialist re-sellers and distribution channels. Hard to replace high value sponsors or key accounts often need on-going measurement, specialist care and absolute attention. And senior marketers under pressure to innovate may need to discover new industry allies to create better new products.

Four Key Partnership Management Opportunities:

1 - Revenue Partnerships:
Affiliates (CPA deals or similar), Sponsors & Key Account Management, Critical Customers

2 - Product Partnerships:
Critical Suppliers, IP Rights & Technology Licensing, Co-Developers,

3 - Alliance Partnerships:
Industry & Market Allies, Corporate Venturing, Joint Initiatives, Critical Distributors and Dealers

4 - Promotional Partners:
Joint Marketing, Co-Promotions, Loyalty Programmes, Product Bundling,

What do all of these have in common?

The need for dedicated relationship management, collaborative thinking and open and effective joint planning. 

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