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Why Relationship Management?


“Like human relationships business partnerships are living systems with endless possibilities. Companies that know how to tap into these possibilities and manage alliances effectively have a corporate asset.” Rosabeth Moss Kanter, ‘Collaborative Advantage’ - HBR, 2002

Partnerships require an identifiable empowered individual to manage the relationship.

The greater the value, opportunity and competitive advantage that can be obtained (or lost...) - the more important the relationship. Partnerships fail not from a lack of potential mutual opportunity (which is normally the easiest thing to spot) – but from an absence of a effective, on-going relationship management.

Critical marketing partnerships are fuelled by a high level of collaborative planning, negotiation & tactical coordination and effective two-way communication is vital not just to initally pioneer, secure and launch the relationship - but to maintain, nurture and develop it.

Experienced relationship managers know that an important contract & launch is not the conclusion of the work – its the start of it.

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